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Dr. Pamela Downing, Principal | Mr. Jamie Dato, Assistant Principal

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Swatting House Bill 462: Effective April 3, 2023

In today’s age of school safety, more and more schools and law enforcement find themselves encountering false phone-in threats or social media screenshots of threats. Effective April 3, 2023, the newly passed Ohio House Bill 462, will allow prosecutors to issue a fourth-degree felony charge of swatting against those who deliberately call or text law enforcement with false school threats. If found guilty, the offender can be required to pay back the fees associated with law enforcement going to the false threat. While years ago, some bad actors may have viewed such actions as a prank, in today’s day and age with school safety there are heightened precautions with investigating false threats with serious lawful consequences. We ask families to discuss the new felony, criminal repercussions with their student(s) and encourage them also to have their student tell a trusted adult if they encounter a safety concern online. 

As we say often in the South-Western City School District (SWCSD), “see something, say something” when it comes to reporting safety issues, threats, or concerns. In addition to law enforcement reporting, you can also call or text the anonymous hotline at 844-SAFER-OH. Ohio's school safety tip line gives students, parents, teachers and school administrators a way to anonymously report student safety threats to school officials and law enforcement officers. The tip line serves our community 24 hours a day and the call center guarantees the anonymity of the person who calls or texts the Ohio School Safety Center has a 24/7 hotline.  

When it comes to school safety, educators, students, and parents/guardians all have a role to play in reporting suspicious behavior - in person or electronically - and we thank you for your support in helping to keep our schools safe each day.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Please keep your information updated to get text, phone, and email updates!

Infinite Campus (IC) is the District’s Internet-based student information system. Important features of IC are the Parent Portal and NEW Mobile App. Through the IC tools, parents are able to access their child’s information, such as class schedules, attendance, academic reports, transportation information, coursework, and put funds in their child’s food service account online. Parents can also designate how and where they wish to receive emergency communications, attendance calls, general announcement messages, and e-mail messages from teachers, the school, and the school district. New accounts need an activation key. The district will be mailing those out in August, so save the letter if you need to create a new account.

To create an IC account, please go to:  

If you already have an IC account, please update your emergency contact information at:

12th Grade Parents:

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24/7 Homework Help for Grades 7-12 

24/7 Tarea Auyjda en los grados 7-12 

24/7 Caawinta Shaqada Guriga ee fasalada 7-12 

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Language Assistance Notification:

South-Western City Schools will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in all services, activities, and programs available throughout the district. It is the policy of SWCSD to ensure meaningful communication with LEP students and families and to communicate information related to the education of all students.  All services needed to comply with this policy will be provided for students and their families in need of such assistance free of charge. For assistance, please call 614-801-3400.

En Español:

Las escuelas de South-Western City tomarán medidas razonables para garantizar que las personas con dominio limitado del inglés (LEP) tengan un acceso fácil y la misma oportunidad de participar en todos los servicios, actividades y programas disponibles en todo el distrito. La política de SWCSD es asegurar una comunicación significativa con los estudiantes LEP,  sus familias y comunicar información relacionada con la educación de todos los estudiantes. Todos los servicios necesarios para cumplir con esta política se proporcionarán a los estudiantes y sus familias que necesiten dicha asistencia de forma gratuita. Para obtener ayuda, llame al 614-801-3400.


In Somali:

South-Western City Schools waxay qaadi doonaan talaabooyin macquul ah oo lagu hubsanayo in dadka luuqada ingiriisigu  ku yartahay (LEP) helaan marin macno u leh oo loogu simanyahay kaga qayb qaadashada dhamaan adeegyada, hawlaha, iyo barnaamijyada laga helo degmada. Waa xeer ay SWCSD ku hubinayso helitaanka xiriirka LEP ardayda iyo reerahooda macno u leh iyo sidii loogu kala war qaadan lahaa waxa ku saabsan tacliinta ardaydaydoo dhan. Dhamaan adeegyada ay is waafaqa xeerkaa waxa heli doona caawimadeeda ardayda iyo reeraha u baahan adeegaas oo ah bilaa lacag ah . Si aad u hesho adeegaas, fadlan wac 614-801-3400.