Alumni Hall of Fame

South-Western Career Academy began a new tradition in 2017 by inducting the first class of individuals into the Alumni Hall of Fame.  We welcome and look forward to your participation in this very important project.

Purpose:  The purpose of the SWCA Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize graduates of Paul C. Hayes Technical School and the South-Western Career Academy who have, through their performance and achievement, brought credit and honor to themselves and South-Western City Schools after graduation.  Their exemplary public, personal and career achievements will serve to inspire and provide leadership to future graduates.

Eligibility:  Must be an alumni of South-Western Career Academy or Paul C. Hayes Technical School

A period of ten (10) or more years must have passed since graduation (Graduation year must be at least 2013 or any year prior to 2013).

Must work in industry, or related industry, studied while in school.

Criteria for Selection: Nominees will be considered based on professional careers and community involvement.  A person may be nominated more than once, and a person may be nominated and inducted posthumously.  A candidate may be nominated by any individual, including oneself.


Nominations:  All nominations should be returned by MONDAY, MAY 1, 2023.  For nominations, please submit the information requested below.