About Us

The South-Western Career Academy (SWCA) is a state-of-the-art career-technical school, serving eligible juniors and seniors from the South-Western City Schools District. Students will take all of the academic and career-technical program requirements at SWCA. Unlike other career-technical programs, students spend the entire day at SWCA and do not split their days between the Career Academy and home high school. However, students can continue to participate in their home schools’ sports and extracurricular activities.

What academic courses are offered?

All core academic courses (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) will be available to students at the South-Western Career Academy. Academic courses are connected to the career-technical programs as a required part of the curriculum.

The actual academic course requirements depend upon the pathway and career programs selected. All eligible students attending SWCA will have a full academic and career-technical program schedule.


Uniforms are required. Students are responsible for uniforms and tools. The instructor will provide information to accepted students. In order to maintain a professional appearance, students are responsible for replacing uniforms if lost or damaged.


Students who successfully meet all of their graduation requirements will earn a high school diploma and graduate from their home high school. Additionally, students will have a Career Passport upon successful completion of their Career Academy courses.

Customer Services

The South-Western Career Academy hosts full-service, student-run shops that are open to the public. Drop by to get a few errands crossed off your list, and help our students get real-world experience at the same time.