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Principal:  Dr. Pamela  Downing

Assistant Principal:  Jamie Dato

Administrative Secretary:   

Aleta Grinstead:  614-801-3401

Career Pathways Specialist:

Debbie Stith:  614-801-3409

Dawn Weaver:  614-801-3410

Guidance:  See counselor's page for specifics.

Kelsey Hodge :  614-801-3437

Gretchen Turner:  614-801-3404 

Crystal Murdaugh: 614-801-3482

Student Services Secretary:  (Student Records)  

Karen Thomas  614-801-3464


24-Hour Attendance Hotline  801-8864

Jodi Young :  614-801-3400

Fees/Activity Clerk

Melody Mechlin:  614-801-3463

Clinic:  614-801-3458

Med. Monitor:  Beth Calhoun

Nurse:  Kara Polichetti

Cafeteria:  614-801-3415

Head Cook:  Gayle McLoughlin

Custodial Office:  614-801-3414

Head Custodian:  Jim Brooks

Media Center:  Kelly Barrett:  614-801-3411

SWCA Services:

Automotive Services:  614-801-3400

The Cutting Edge Salon:  614-801-3450 

(visit the Cutting Edge page for services and hours)

The Academy Grill:  614-801-3480 

(visit the Academy Grill page for menus and hours)

Technology/Chromebook Support:

Building Tech Coordinator:  Ryan Warner

Technology Specialist:  Travis Wood

Teaching Staff:

Mr. Lucas Baird - (Intervention Specialist):

Mrs. Nina Brown - (Dental):

Mr. Dan Chernick - (Social Studies):

Mrs. Sarah Cordingley (English):

Mr. Kevin Crabtree (Culinary & Hospitality):

Mr. Tyler Crease (Science):

Mr. Ron Cross (Auto, Body, Collision):

Mr. Alex Detillio (English):

Ms. Shelby Dials (Intervention Specialist):

Mr. Jay DiMasso (Interactive Media Design):

Mrs. Tiffany Fisher (Math):

Mr. Derek Fitzer (Mobile Applications):

Ms. Laura Garber (English):

Mr. Chris Garmen (Intervention Specialist):

Ms. Alyssa Gift (Innovation & Entrepreneurship):

Mrs. Mary Hageman (ESL):

Mrs. Carrie Hays (Science):

Ms. Abby Heisterkamp (Intervention Specialist):

Mr. Greg Hickey (Math):

Ms. Tracey Holschbach (Early Childhood Edu.):

Mr. Matthew Hollis (English):

Mrs. Vondra Hoop-Thompson (English):

Mrs. Lelah James (Math):

Mrs. Alexis Kenny (Cosmetology):

Mr. Kevin Kestner (Multi-Skilled Health):

Mr. Travis Lucas (Engineering & Robotics):

Mr. Daniel Luft (Welding & Manufacturing):

Mr. Joshua Mathews (Math):

Mr. Gregory McClelland (Cyber Security):

Mrs. Rebecca McNeil (Pre Nursing):

Mr. Thomas Patete (Social Studies/Psychology):

Mrs. Amy Peters (Medical Data Management):

Ms. Nicole Ragusa (Business Management):

Mr. Kevin Rankin (Electrical Trades):

Ms. Laurie Sandall (Science):

Ms. Claire Sherwood (Math):

Mr. Mitchell Stephens (Intervention Specialist):

Mr. Robert Thompson (Automotive Technologies):

Mr. Darrell Tobin (Social Studies):

Mrs. Jackie Troth (Intervention Specialist):

Mrs. Jennifer Vaughn (Intervention Specialist):

Ms. Marie Wenzke (Science):

Mr. Christopher Wright "Chef" - Culinary: