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Assistant Principal: Laurie Buchieri

Administrative Secretary: Mrs. Karen Hurley: 614-801-3401

Guidance: See counselor's page for specifics.

Kelsey Hodge : 614-801-3437

Gretchen Turner: 614-801-3404

Student Services Secretary: Mrs. Karen Thomas 614-801-3464


Mrs. Jackie Mitton : 614-801-3400

24-Hour Attendance Hotline 801-8864


Mrs. Melody Mechlin: 614-801-3463

Clinic: 614-801-3458

Med. Monitor: Jennifer Braunm

School Nurse: Jessica Vehr

Cafeteria: 614-801-3415

Head Cook: Mrs. McLoughlin

Automotive: 614-801-3400

The Cutting Edge Salon: 614-801-3450

The Academy Grill: 614-801-3481

Media Center: Mrs. Kelly Siders: 614-801-3411

Fax: 614-801-1833